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this blog is a medium for maze car to emit ramblings on music, retro tech and general sound mangling experiences. for more info and new tunes, check out the website too!

dirty donkey

writer's blogPosted by maze car Sun, August 23, 2015 17:18:51
since the meat street dog star project, i have extended my collection of vintage toys. i acquired a nintendo game & watch donkey kong from circa 1982. the sonics of this device are limited to some atonal beeps, but why should this prevent me screwing with them ...?

the sounds are typically puny, but once you stuff them up an analogue fx chain they grow a character all of their own. just fooling around with some delays, distortion and filtering brings some dub wonderland out of a twee 80s play thing.

my next project will focus blending chiptune with breaks - i'm really enjoying the crossover between organic grooves and the chimes of retro digital equipment. hopefully this will bear fruit over the next few weeks - it's the kind of thing that makes me happy smiley

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