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broken windows

writer's blogPosted by maze car Wed, October 28, 2015 19:50:25

a somewhat painful month is coming to an end.

i've managed to add some new sections to the break-bit project, but this has been fraught with technical irritation (boo hoo, poor me).

firstly, a warning must go out to those upgrading their DAWs to Windows 10 - or Windows 8 as it is underneath smiley ... some existing drivers from the days of Windows 7 are not compatible with modern times (specifically old USB drivers). eventually, i discovered my USB hubs and my printer were too old to work with the more modern gear, and worse, they screwed up all the audio processing. so ... be prepared to take the old stuff to the tip!

secondly, a big shout goes out to the support staff at Focusrite for helping me diagnose some of the problems - they helped me get the Windows 10 rig up and running despite the fact that all my Focusrite gear works perfectly.

so, the tune continues and hopefully a demo cut will be available soon!

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