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Epic Proportions

writer's blogPosted by maze car Mon, February 22, 2016 20:00:00

so i've been chipping away at my experiments with the new studio gear. i spent a lot of time noodling with the pocket operator, and i ended up recording some long monotonic sequences to form the basis of the new track.

the real fun came when i patched the pocket operator through the moog mf drive pedal and an old zoom 1201 fx unit. the space and depth of a flanger coupled with a sweep of the crunchy moog distortion got me 6 minutes of audio - which by my standards is positively epic smiley
the riff itself is pretty dull, but kind of trancey with the evolving live fx. to spice it up a bit i made some funky, shuffling drum licks using BFD which bolstered the weedy (but lovely) tones from the the volca beats. then i added some really (i mean really) thick, deep bass from the sub phatty and some guitar stabs to make it a bit more dubby. this all seemed to gel quite nicely - but i still had another 3 minutes to play with smiley so then i introduced a big 4/4 kick with some sidechaining and this started driving the whole thing along in a more housey style.

i'm not sure where this track's going to take me next, but the juno is gagging to add some buzzy riff in there somewhere - hopefully the demo will be up there in the cloud soon!

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