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electronic family

writer's blogPosted by maze car Thu, July 28, 2016 19:34:36
a break from the studio and all that other stuff saw me take a long weekend in amsterdam. here, i was taken by the hand and introduced to electronic family 2016 - a young and intimate one-day trance event in the bos.

i spent a great day here absorbing different flavours of trance among a mellow crowd which kept the true spirit of festivals alive. there was some truly deep bass quaking the ground and some really nifty squealing from the decks - i am more of a drum and bass guy, but the vibe of this festival could well rub off on me in future projects.

back in the studio, i have decided the path to complete Those Shallow Games - the joy of speech synthesizers! i found a couple of interesting gizmos out there in the web - now it is just a question of getting them to spit some interesting noise onto the track. get ready for something between arcade and retro-yello here ...

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